Match Play Rules

Men’s Team Match 2023


Teams have been broken up into two divisions. Divisions have been determined by overall team handicap, with (11) teams in the Spearfish Division and (12) teams in the Canyon Division. Teams will play only teams within their division during the     regular season. The top 8 teams, according to total points, in each division will qualify for the playoffs. The playoff format is a single-elimination tournament, with the overall winners of each division playing off for the overall tournament championship.


¨ Each team member will play their own ball throughout the round. 

¨ Please record each team members GROSS score on the scorecard.

¨ Record best NET score on the Team Score line.

¨ Each team will receive (1) point for each hole won, (1/2) a point for each hole halved, and the team who wins the match will receive (1) additional point.

¨ Please play out all (9) holes in all matches.

¨ After play, confirm scores, and one player from each team shall sign the scorecard and turn the scorecard into the Pro Shop.


Match Play Divisions

Spearfish Division

Bosh/Bosh Mortenson/Mion
Dunwoody/Crosswait Bacon/Kemp
Kortan/Watson Hamilton/Gusso
Nohr/Reede Larscheid/Kudlock
Gusso/Burghduff Enderby/Eichler
Caffee/Bauman Junek/Engen

Canyon Division

Greenwood/Konstant Meredith/Herrboldt/Hemeyer
Jensen/Heumiller Maynard/Rayman
Ludens/Kilmer Donovan/Tschetter/Schlekewey
Marcus/Donovan Delahoyde/Ruff
Olson/Diede Long/Olson
Olson/Lee Dobesh/Tetrault